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Our rates

Tuition rates

- 6 weeks to 12 mo      $140 per week

- 13 to 24 months        $120 per week

- 25 to 36 months        $115 per week

- 30 to 36 months        $110 per week

- Pre-K 36 to 48            $100 per week

- VPK (part-time)            $75 per week

- VPK ( full-time)           $105 per week


Pay schedule options include the first working day of the week, on the 1st and the 15th of the month, or on the first day of the month. Late fees are applied if tuition is not received when due.

Registration fee

A registration fee of $35 for one child and $55 for two or more is due with application. This is a non-refundable fee and is a yearly fee payable always in August. Contact us for more details.

Additional rates



School age

Contact us for more information about tuition rates.


You will be required to pay one half of the weekly fee for that week.

Any family with two or more children receive a 5% discount.

We are closed on some holidays. Contact us for more details.

Our tuition rates are based on full-time positions. Click here to enroll in the Polk County VPK Program on the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County website.

31 33 34 discount

- School age;  full-time (with lunch)    $95 per week

- School age;  part-time                        $65 per week

Parents/Guardians assume full responsibility for payments of the total tuition, regardless of attendance. FCLC does not offer refunds.