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Program Philosophy

Program goals

Our overall goal is to promote the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of all children. Your child will benefit from a program that is concerned with all aspects of his/her development.

Classroom environment

Our teachers prepare the classroom environment based upon the  strengths, needs, and interests of each child. Throughout the day your child will experience individual time and small/large group work.

Skills and competencies

Your child will be exposed to many skills while at the learning center. These skills include problem solving skills, literacy skills, social skills, computer skills, self-help skills, communication skills, and much more.

Guidance of young children




If a child is enraged, he/she may need time and assistance calming him/herself.


We provide a positive environ-ment with choices for activities, teachers and curriculum.

Children are not punished, rather consequences naturally or loggically follow their behaviors.

Teachers help/allow children to choose alternative activities.

We believe that you, the parents, are the primary educators of your children. We are here to assist you in the care and education of each child. We also believe in a strong parent/teacher partnership. Find out more.

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